Welcome To The Third Annual Sydney Cycling Expo!

The 3rd Annual Cycling Expo, hosted in beautiful Sydney Olympic Park, is being sponsored and presented by Cycling Australia and SBS, a new, revolutionary and up-and-coming Bicycling and Lifestyle Show. This amazing event is being hosted on October 19 and 20 from 9:30 am until 4:00 pm on both days.

The Expo offers patrons and guests a change to learn about and experience the latest in cycling gear, get a firsthand look at the lightest and fastest gear and cycles, and will be able to view a host of other lifestyle products, many of which are focused strictly around the healthy lifestyle of cycling and cyclists. In addition to all the presentations and viewings that you will be able to experience, the event is offering amazing demonstrations and hands on experiences.


One of the top events that you don’t want to miss is the cycling races! Come and watch the best riders as they compete in a friendly competition of road biking, mountain biking, BMX cycling and more!

EXHIBIT AT THE SHOW – Thanks to Full Frame Productions, Sydney Olympic Park.

With the relation of the event to the Sydney Olympic Park, the event is able to expand its viewing areas, the exhibits and demonstrations, and brings to it a new sense of awe with the seasons latest and newest products. Coupled with Sydney’s other most popular event, the Spring Cycle, this even will help expose new products, new gear, the latest in cycling technology and design, as well as engage the audiences and viewers, and maybe even give them a little insightful information along the way.




This event marks the third year that this amazing participant event has been available to the public, and offers the best in premiere showcasing of new products and design. There are plenty of new services, products and informational pieces that you don’t want to miss out on!

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