Full Frame Productions is one of our sponsors who are providing their video production services to us. They are sending down a few camera men to film the exhibition and turn it into an excellent corporate video. Full Frame Productions offers corporate videos as well as explainer animation videos. They believe that video is the future of all marketing — and they’re probably right! In conjunction with Bikeshow, Full Frame Productions are working on getting the exhibition to be the best that is possible can. Their video production services will be of great benefit to Bikeshow. The best thing is that we can show the corporate video that is made to other people for years to come. Please contact Full Frame Productions in Sydney by following the links above to check out their corporate video production services. Who knows… one day they may be able to help you!

Sydney Olympic Park have provided their locations as well as ample security and parking coordinators to help get the day going and finished successfully! Check out their business events that they offer as or you can contact them directly. Thank you Sydney Olympic Park!