Everyone deserves a little extra treatment at the Expo. If you are a rider who is coming to the event on your bicycle, we have a wonderfully safe and secure bike valet service available to you. Simply look for one of our BIKE VALET signs, give your information to the valet, and when youre ready to ride again, just bring your ticket with you. The bike valet service is complimentary to riders. All valet services are subject to availability and available space at the time of your arrival. All of our valets are professional, trained and are extremely careful and protective with your property. Tipping is not required, but is appreciated by our hard working valet staff.

We are proud to announce our joining forces with the Subaru Australia, Data Dot Technology and Australia Crime Stoppers companies in an effort to make this expo a safe, secure and fun event for all participants, vendors, demonstrators and guests. Data Dot is one of the leading companies in preventing and tracking thefts, much like the Lo-Jack company of the United States.

Thanks to the generosity of Data Dot DNA Company, bring your bicycle down to the Data Dot DNA stand at the Expo and have it registered with the Data Dot DNA Company. Usually a $50.00 value, this service is complimentary for all participants, riders, and racers who attend the event on bicycle. It uses the same technology to prevent and track bike thefts as Subaru does for its vehicles! Please limit one cycle per person.